Hunting Knife Set

Finding the Best Hunting Knife Set

A good hunting knife set is difficult to find. You need a set of knives that is capable of doing everything from gutting deer to cutting wood. You also need a set of blades that is as lightweight as possible so it can easily be packed into the wilderness.

Finding the best knife set for a hunter comes down to knowing exactly what the individual hunter wants from his hunting knife set. A person looking for a game processing set will want shears, a hacksaw, a cleaver, a skinning knife and a blade with a gut hook. The problem with the larger sets is they are heavy and aren’t easy to take on a long hunting trip.

Those going on long trips with lots of hiking through the wilderness will want something much lighter than a game processing kit. Elk Ridge makes a couple of nice sets of knives that can worn on your belt. They are sharp knives and hold their edge well. Best of all, they are inexpensive and light enough that they won’t weigh you down.

Another good knife set that can be worn on your belt is the RUKO Pakkawood knife set. It comes with a nice hunting knife along with a folding knife that both fit snugly into the included nylon sheath.

Smith and Wesson also carries a nice set that comes complete with a gut hook, a caper and a cleaver. The Smith and Wesson knife set is a great set for hunters of all types of game.

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