Trizor (Chef’s Choice)

Chef’s Choice Trizor Cutlery is an American made knife brand created in Avondale, PA by EdgeCraft Corporation. Chef’s Choice is widely recognized as one of the best brands of electric knife sharpeners so it makes sense that they would expand their line to include knives as well. The Trizor line was brought to market in 1992 and features fully forged handcrafted blades. This innovative line of cutlery combines advanced higher-carbon stainless alloy with manufacturing technology common to the aerospace industry to create a line of knives that is tough to beat.

Trizor steel measures in at an impressive 60 on the Rockwell hardness scale, making it one of the harder domestic blades on the market. This allows the edges to be honed to a sharper angle and still have superior edge retention. According to the EdgeCraft website, Trizor blades stay sharper for up to 10 times that of other Western knives.

Trizor features full-tang blade construction with a polymer handle molded around the tang. This gives you the balance and heft of a full-tang blade while keeping food particles and other contaminants out of the handle, a problem common to other full-tang knives. They are one of the only manufacturers on the market to offer this unique concept, giving you the full benefit of full-tang construction while eliminating the downside.

The handles themselves are a textured polymer that is designed to be comfortable in your hand while allowing you to keep your grip when working with slippery foods. Wet or dry, the handle is easy to grip and will go a long way towards eliminating accidents due to the handle slipping out of your hand.

The only downside to these knives is the cost. A set of just three knives will set you back around $260, and a set of 5 pieces with a block come in at just over $370. While this price point may seem excessive, you will be getting what are arguably the best domestic knives on the market. Those that prefer to buy things that are made in the U.S. can rest assured they aren’t sacrificing quality just to keep it domestic.

Chef’s Choice Trizor 5-Piece Set
– High-carbon stainless steel alloy.– Polymer non-slip handles.- Full-tang is covered by polymer handle to reduce contamination.

– Stays sharper up to 10 times longer than other domestic knives.

Trizor Professional Everyday Set
– High-carbon stainless blades are resistant to rust and able to hold their edge for up to 10 times longer than other domestic cutlery.– Contains 3 of Trizor’s most popular knives. Excellent starter set.- Hand-crafted in America.

Trizor knives rank amongst the best knives in the market. Click on the link below for more information on purchasing Trizor knives:

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