Ginsu Knife Set

Ah, the infamous Ginsu knife set. They are world-reknowned for being the best knife set on the market for those seeking an extremely sharp blade. Ginsu knives are modeled after the Japanese samurai sword, which is known for being able to slice through pretty much anything.

Ginsu knives are hands down the best knife set you can get for under a hundred dollars. At first glance, they appear to be of Japanese origin. It may be surprising to some that these sets of super-sharp cutlery are made right here in America. The blades are made of high-carbon Japanese steel.

Those over 30 may remember the television ads that aired in the late 70’s and early 80’s. They featured visuals that showed the Ginsu knife set being used to cut nails, tin cans and a radiator hose. Right after cutting the three non-food items, the blade is then used to slice a tomato into thin slices.

There is a Ginsu knife set available for every budget. There are multiple sets available now for under a hundred dollars. The budget-minded consumer would be wise to go with one of these fine sets of cutlery. You could do a lot worse. Just keep in mind that the cheaper sets aren’t made of the same quality of Japanese steel as the higher end Ginsu blades are. They are still super sharp, they just require a little more care. Don’t let them sit around dirty and wet or they may start to discolor or rust.

Ginsu also offers what may be the best knife set money can buy. The Hanaita series is made of Japanese Damascus steel. They are made of 33 layers of steel, alternating between high and low carbon steel. The layers are forged together and the blades are honed to an almost unparalleled sharpness. After sharpening, the blade is then cryogenically cooled with liquid nitrogen, which makes for excellent blade retention. A Damascus cutlery set doesn’t come cheap. It costs around $500 dollars for a set of these fine knives.

Ginsu Chikara 12-Piece Block Set
– Crafted of high-carbon Japanese stainless steel.– Handles are crafted of water and heat-resistant resin.

– Incredibly sharp edge.

Ginsu Round 5-Piece Bamboo Knife Set
– Double-edged blade ensures precision cuts.– Commercial quality knives hold up under heavy use.

– Unique round block.

Ginsu Hanaita Damascus Steel 9-Piece Set
– Made of Damascus steel. Extremely high-quality set.– Damascus blades are made of 33 alternating layers of high- and low-carbon steel for maximum durability and sharpness.

– Crygenically cooled blades ensure maximum edge retention.

Ginsu Hanaita Damascus Steel 15-Piece Set
– This is one of the finest knife sets sold by any manufacturer.– Damascus steel blades crafted of 33 layers of Japanese steel.

– Crafted in same manner as Japanese Samurai swords.

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