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It’s not an uncommon sight to see a Global knife set in the kitchen of a professional chef. Global knives truly lives up to its name as Global is a brand that is world-reknowned. Many people consider these knives to be the best knife set for professional chefs, as well as the serious home cook.

Global blades are lightweight, thin and razor sharp. They can be used to cleanly slice through all sorts of food. They are well-balanced and extremely lightweight. This helps to reduce hand fatigue after a long day in the kitchen. They have hollow handles that are uniquely weighted with precise amounts of sand to create a finely balanced work of art.

Global cutlery has a unique, modern look. They don’t look like your mother’s kitchen knife set. The all-stainless handles and sharp angles make them look like something pulled from the future.

The blades found in a Global knife set are made of high-end Japanese steel. The CROMOVA 18 steel contains a blend of 18 percent chromium with a small amount of molybdenum and vanadium mixed in. Global knives have excellent edge retention as well as good stain resistance. They will cut whatever you ask them to with ease. Take care of them and they will last you a lifetime.

Professional chefs are a picky bunch. They expect a lot from their knives and put their blades to the test on a daily basis. It’s not uncommon to find a chef who still has and uses the first set of Global knives he ever bought. They are built to last a lifetime.

Global knives are made entirely of stainless steel. There are no plastic or wood handles to get beat up or rot. They also won’t trap small particles of dirt of food like riveted handles tend to do. They are the best knife set if you want something with a unique look that will add a touch of modern class to your kitchen. These knives turn heads and will be conversation piece in a busy kitchen.

A good Global knife set will set you back between 500 to 1000 dollars. If you can afford them, they will serve you well for years to come. They may even last long enough to serve your kids well when you pass them on.

Here are just a few of the best Global knife sets available now:

Global 25th Anniversary 3-Piece Set
– Classy set makes for the perfect gift. – Molybdenum/vanadium stainless steel blades. This is some of the highest quality steel on the market.

– Stainless steel handles are ergonomically designed for comfort and maximum grip.

Global 6-Piece Set w/Block
– Thin blades allow for precise cuts.– Face-ground blades made of high-tech CROMOVA stainless steel.

– Precisely balanced handles.


Global 9-Piece Set w/Block
– Blades are thin to allow precision slicing.– Face-ground blades crafted from high-tech CROMOVA stainless steel.

– Hollow handles that are balanced by adding a precise amount of sand.

– Stainless handles have dimpled grips to reduce knife slippage when cutting.

Go Global and you won’t be disappointed. Click here for more information on one of the best knife sets money can buy:

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