JA Henckels Knife Set

JA Henckels as a brand is sort of hit-and-miss. Their low end knives aren’t worth their weight in metal. Move into the mid-range priced cutlery and you get a much better set of knives. They may not be the best knife set you can buy, but they are of good quality at a good price.

Don’t buy a cheap JA Henckels knife set. They are prone to rust and there are a lot of complaints about them online. They aren’t balanced well and tend to perform poorly in the kitchen. Combine that with the fact that they reportedly don’t hold their edge well, and you have a recipe for frustration.

When you get into the JA Henckels knife sets that are sold for over a hundred dollars, you get a much better set of knives. They are made of high quality German steel and will last much longer than the cheaper sets. Spend a little extra and get a set of cutlery you will be much happier with in the long run. Knives are an item where you typically get what you pay for.

The International Forged Series comes with a full tang that runs from the tip of the blade to the end of the handle. As is the norm for full tang knives, they are well-balanced and strong. The handles have three rivets and are built to be both comfortable and easy to use. The stainless steel blades have a satin finish that both looks nice and cuts wells. These knives are mid-range, but not too expensive to be affordable to most families.

JA Henckels International Forged 13-Piece Premio Set
– Full-tang construction for added balance and strength.– Satin-finish stainless steel blades.

-Professional-quality forged blades.


JA Henckels Twin Signature Set
– Stamped blades made from German steel.– Edge-cut by a laser, then hand sharpened to ensure the sharpest blade possible.

– Handles seamlessly encase the tangs so no food will ever get inside the handles.


JA Henckels Twin Signature 19-Piece Set
– Friodur ice-hardened blades hold their edge well. – High-carbon stainless steel is laser-cut for sharpness.

– Stamped bolsters make them lighter than other knives in their class.


When it comes to JA Henckels, you get what you pay for. Go with a mid-range JA Henckels knife set and you won’t be disappointed. They are built to last, and are nicely balanced with blades that hold their edge.

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