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A CUTCO Knife Set is arguably the best knife set money can buy. They are one of the few premium brands of cutlery made in the United States, and they come with a lifetime performance guarantee. If at any time you are not happy with your CUTCO knives, they will either repair or replace your set. If you damage them through misuse, they will replace the set for half the normal price. In addition to this guarantee, they will sharpen your knives for a minimal handling fee any time you send them in.

Every single CUTCO knife set is made of high-carbon steel that is stain resistant. They have an attractive polished mirror finish that is resistant to rust and corrosion. The mirror finish is easy to clean and the knife is able to be washed in the dishwasher. The handle is made of a thermo-resin material and is held on by three rivets set into a tang that extends the full length of the handle.

The Double-D cutting edge is exclusive to CUTCO knives. The innovative blade features recessed cutting edges with protected by points similar to those found on serrated knives. The points are in place to keep the blade sharp, and boy do they work. A CUTCO knife set can withstand a lot of abuse and still retain its cutting ability. Don’t confuse the points on a CUTCO knife with those on a serrated knife. Serrated knives tear and rip through food instead of actually cutting. The Double-D recessed blade makes a clean cut on par with what you get from other high-end cutlery. They are world-renowned for their sharpness and smooth, clean cutting ability.

The downside to the Double-D cutting edge is you can’t sharpen it yourself. CUTCO knives last a long time before they need to be sharpened, but once they start to dull, they have to be sent in to the manufacturer for sharpening.

A CUTCO set may be the best knife set you ever buy. With the lifetime warranty, it will more than likely be the last set you ever need to buy. By now, you may be wondering how much a quality set of knives like these will cost you. They aren’t cheap. A set will run you anywhere from $500 up to thousands of dollars depending on what you want in the set. CUTCO Homemaker +8 10-piece Set


  • Widely considered the best knives money can buy.-
  • Lifetime warranty ensures you’ll never have to buy another knife set again.
  • Backed by CUTCO’s forever performance and sharpness guarantee.   –
  • This is CUTCO’s most popular set.

CUTCO Starter Set


  • CUTCO starter set. Great set to start off with. Buy this set and add to it as needed.- Backed by CUTCO’s lifetime guarantee that their knive will perform well and stay sharp for life.    

CUTCO Galley Set


  • CUTCO galley set. Comes with cutting board, basting spoon and peeler.
  • Backed by CUTCO’s lifetime guarantee. Knives that don’t perform to expectations will be repaired or replaced.

CUTCO Space Saver Set


  • Ideal for kitchens where space is at a premium.- Comes with 5 of CUTCO’s best knives.   – Lifetime guarantee.

CUTCO Ultimate Entertainer Set


  • CUTCO’s biggest and baddest set.- Contains full line of kitchen cutlery, table knives and silverware. This truly is the ultimate set.   – Lifetime guarantee.

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