Don’t Buy Too Large of a Knife Block Set

When shopping for knives, people tend to go for the biggest knife block set they can find. They decide on a manufacturer and then go for the biggest and best set money can buy. While it’s always a good idea to spend a little money and get a good quality set, spending the extra money to buy the biggest set you can doesn’t always add up.

If you’re rich and can afford the biggest and best sets of knives money can buy, read no further. Buy the biggest set you can solely because you never know when you might need one of the rarely used specialty knives in the set. They’re nice to have, and that huge set is going to look great sitting on the granite island in your giant kitchen.

On the other hand, if you’re like me and you’re shopping on a budget, you may want to reconsider looking for the biggest set you can afford and instead concentrate on buying a smaller set of the best knives you can afford. Getting good cutlery should take precedence over buying the most knives you can while staying within your budget. A few good blades will take you a lot farther than buying a set filled to the brim with cheap knives you’ll rarely use.

Another issue with buying a set with the most pieces you can find is that you end up getting a lot of filler pieces. You’ll get kitchen shears, which are a useful item, but can be purchased individually at a low price point. Another way manufacturers bulk up their sets is buying adding a lot of steak knives. Even in the higher-end sets, the steak knives are usually made of an inferior stamped blade and are a cheap way to make a smaller set look much larger than it actually is. Don’t fall for the sets that make themselves look bigger by adding 4 more steak knives

There are only a few essential knives that you should look for in a set. Luckily, even the smallest knife block set usually has at least these knives. A paring knife is essential for paring and peeling fruits and vegetables. It is a precision blade that is used in situations where precise cuts are necessary. A chef’s knife is a must as well. They are used for slicing and chopping, and are the most used blade in the kitchen. You’d have a tough time cooking any meal without one of these. Depending on the types of food you prepare, you may also want a carving knife or a bread knife, but that’s up to your personal preference.

Figure out the types of knives you want, then look for a good set that has just the blade-types you need.  You’ll save a lot of money, and you’ll probably be able to afford a much better knife block set. Use the money you’ve saved to buy some specialty blades that you’ll actually use like a good Santoku knife.

Prior to going shopping, do a little research so you can be sure you’re getting the best knife set. If you’re ready to buy now, click on the link below to go directly to to start pricing knife sets.

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