Anolon Advanced Cutlery

An Anolon Advanced Cutlery knife block set runs between $100 and $200, depending on the size of the block set. It is one of the best knife sets you’ll find in this price range. The features you get with these knives are typical of what you’d find in knife sets that would run you hundreds of dollars more.

The blades on these fine knives are crafted from high-carbon Japanese stainless steel that is designed to stay sharp while resisting stains and rust. The steel is heat-treated, then ice-hardened to create the strongest steel possible. The blades on the kitchen knives are forged in order to ensure durability, while the steak knives are stamped and have a fine edge that cuts right through meat instead of ripping and tearing it.

The Sure Grip handles are an item that people either love or hate. They’re made of a rubber polymer that is softer to the touch than wood. Some people really like the fact that they are light weight and comfortable, and are designed to be an ergonomic alternative to wood. On the downside, they can get damaged in the sink if left to rub against other silverware and knives.

The Advanced Cutlery series of knives are some of the best balanced knives on the market. They feature a counter-balance cap that helps balance the handle against the blade and thick bolster that helps with control.

Here are some of the Anolon Advanced knives and sets that are available now:

Anolon Advanced Cutlery 17-Piece Block Set, Black

This is a big set. It comes with an 8-inch bread, 8-inch chef, 5-inch santoku, 5-inch serrated utility, 8-inch slicer, 3 and a half-inch parer and eight 5-inch Anolon steak knives. It also includes a sharpening steel, forged kitchen shears and an attractive bamboo block. This set features the black Sure Grip handles.

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Anolon Advanced Cutlery 15-Piece Knife Set with Block

The Anolon Advanced 15-piece knife set at first glance looks very similar to the 17-piece set. There are a couple key differences. You get the same knives you do with the 17-piece set, minus a couple Anolon steak knives. The main difference is this set gives you a 7-inch Santoku instead of a five inch Santoku. For those who do a lot of cutting and slicing of meats and vegetables, the 7-inch Santoku is a great knife. The other difference is this set comes with a birch block instead of a bamboo block.

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Anolon Advanced Stainless Steel 3-Piece Chef Set

This 3-piece set is perfect for those not looking to spend a lot of money on a large knife block set. It features an 8-inch chef, a 6-inch utility and a 3.5″ paring knife. They feature elegant polished stainless steel handles instead of the Sure Grip handles you see in the larger Anolon sets. This set is also available with the Sure Grip black handles or the Sure Grip Bronze Handles if you’re looking to save ten bucks and don’t care about the fancy stainless handles. These three knives are really all you need to get things done in the kitchen. They sell for just under $50 dollars and make the perfect gift.

More information on the Anolon Advanced Stainless Steel 3-Piece Chef Set.

Anolon Advanced Bronze Santoprene Cutlery 3-Piece Slice and Carve Set

This is another great gift. This set features an 8-inch slicer, an 8-inch bread and a 6-inch forged fork. This set is perfect for the family that eats a lot of meat and birds. It features the attractive bronze Sure Grip handles.

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