Best Kitchen Knife Set

5 Best Kitchen Knife Set of 2022

The problem with finding the best kitchen knife set isn’t that good sets are hard to find. As a matter of fact, it’s the exact opposite. There are so many high-quality sets, it’s difficult to decide which one is the best one to fit your needs.

A kitchen knife set is a key component of your kitchen so it’s imperative you purchase the best knife set you can afford. They are something that will be used at least a few times a day, every day. Cutting and preparing food for meals is made much easier with a good set of knives, and you are less likely to cut yourself with a good blade. The entire set must be sharp enough to cut through all types of food, and each individual knife should feel balanced and comfortable.

Purchasing a kitchen knife set is the best way to go about buying knives for the kitchen. You get an entire set for a fraction of what buying each piece individually would cost. A good set usually has all of the pieces you will need as part of the set. The following are just some of the kitchen knife set manufacturers found on this site. The rest can be accessed via the menu on the sidebar. Click on the links to go to the section for that brand.

5 Best Kitchen Knife Set

Analon Knife Set

Analon Knife Set – An Anolon knife set will serve you well. It is one of the most wished for knives on, and it carries an attractive price point to boot.

They aren’t dirt cheap, but the Anolon Advanced knives are priced well for forged steel knives.

The Anolon brand is already well-known for its top-notch cookware, so the fact that their knives are also of high quality should come as no surprise.

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calphalon knife set

Calphalon Knife Set – Calphalon cutlery is crafted using a time-honored traditional method that creates 33 layers of stainless steel.

They are ergonomically designed and are up there with the best knife sets money can buy.

Purchasing a Calphalon cutlery set isn’t cheap, but buy one and you won’t be disappointed. These are some of the nicest knives you can buy.

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ginsu knife set

Ginsu Knife SetGinsu knives have been around for several decades and their Katana series rank amongst the sharpest knives on the market.

They are another Japanese brand designed to mimic samurai swords in sharpness and craftsmanship.

They offer affordable sets of knives that are of surprisingly high quality. They also offer a high-end series of superbly crafted cutlery.

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shun knife set

Shun Knife Set – While Shun is a relative newcomer to the kitchen knife set market, they’re quickly making a name for themselves.

They are made of 32 layers of high-carbon steel layered on a VG-10 stainless steel core.

This makes for a sharp blade that is more flexible than standard stainless steel knives.

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Global Knife Set

Global Knife Set – Choose the knife set used by chefs around the world.

Ask most professional chefs their opinion of Global knives and they will tell you they are the best knife set around.

Go Global and you’re sure to be pleased with your kitchen knife set.

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