5 Reasons Why You Should Buy the Best Kitchen Knife Set You Can Afford

There are a number of reasons you should buy the best kitchen knife set you can afford as opposed to buying an inexpensive one. A good set will set you back anywhere from $100 to thousands of dollars, depending on just how good of a set you want to buy. This is an investment that could last a lifetime, so you ideally want to buy the most expensive set you can afford.

5 good reasons why you need to buy a good set

1. When you buy a set, you get a big discount. The savings for buying your cutlery as a set can be significant, and you end up paying half to two-thirds of what the set would cost if you purchased all of the pieces individually. If there are a couple blade types you want that aren’t part of the set you bought, you can buy these pieces with the money you save.

2. You get a nice block to store your knives in. You do not want to throw your knives in a drawer or box, as that will damage the blades and cause them to wear a lot faster than if they were properly stores. Kitchen cutlery needs to be kept away from other metal utensils, and the only thing the edge of the blade should come in contact with is the food and the cutting board you’re using. Carelessly throwing your knife set in a drawer is a surefire way to cut down on the useful life of your set.

3. A good kitchen knife set usually comes with a sharpener. Not only do you usually get a sharpener, you get one that is tailored to your set. The different materials that knife blades are made of need to be sharpened in specific ways, and sharpening a blade in the wrong manner can do permanent damage to the edge. By buying a set that has a honing steel, you ensure you’re getting one that is tailor-made for the blade material of your set. If you do not get a sharpener with your set, make sure you read up on the manufacturer’s recommended sharpening method.  You sometimes get other kitchen utensils as well. Some sets come with scissors or kitchen shears. These shears are usually good quality and are ideal for cutting through tough meats. They are capable of cutting through almost anything, which is probably the reason I keep finding them in my kid’s craft sets.

4. When you buy the best kitchen knife set you can afford, you get a higher quality of steel than you do with the cheaper knives. Instead of getting a set that will discolor easily and can’t hold an edge, you get a set of knives that might outlive you. High-carbon stainless steel is less prone to breakage and more likely to stay sharp.

5. You get steak knives. While these knives usually aren’t as good as the other pieces in the set, they are functional and are a must for a family that eats a lot of meats. One thing to keep an eye out for is serrated edges on the steak knives. If the rest of the set has straight-edge blades and the steak set has serrated blades, chances are the serrated blades are made of a lower-quality stamped metal. This is particularly a problem in the cheaper sub-$100 dollar sets. Once you get into the more expensive kitchen knife sets, you generally get decent steak knives as well.

Prior to going shopping, do a little research so you can be sure you’re getting the best kitchen knife set. If you’re ready to buy now, click on the link below to go directly to Amazon.com to start pricing knife sets:

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